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SLR Interviews Jamie Cox Robertson, author of An Uncommon Heroine

Jamie Cox Robertson is the author of two books: A Literary Paris: Hemingway, Colette, Sedaris, and Others on the Uncommon Lure of the City of Light and An Uncommon Heroine: Scarlett, Edna, Sula–and More Than 20 Other of the Most Remarkable Women in Literatur. She holds a graduate degree in literature and teaches writing and literature […]

Dream Fishing, by Scott Ely

Reviewed by Adele Annesi Novelist, ex-soldier and short story fisher king Scott Ely offers an extraordinarily memorable catch in his latest collection, Dream Fishing.  From the appropriately accessible “Wasps,” with its comparatively youthful voice and subject, to the profound “Guatemala City,” Ely continually casts his stories in deeper waters. His sometimes untidy but probing prose […]

A Bad Day’s Work, by Nora McFarland

Reviewed by Donna Meredith Lilly Hawkins notes that if the TV station where she works as a shooter takes the number one spot in the ratings, the boss will get the bonus and the rest of the staff will “share a pizza.” A painful reality, one we can all relate to. The humor of Lilly’s […]

The Oxford Creative Nonfiction Writers Conference & Workshops

The Oxford Creative Nonfiction Writers Conference & Workshops  November 11-14, 2010 • Oxford, Mississippi It’s not too late to participate in a gathering of the top creative nonfiction writers and instructors in America. For more information, visit:

Meet John Brandon, Author of Citrus County

John Brandon’s name has been whispered among literary circles as a writer to watch since he was selected as the 2009-10 John and Renee Grisham Writer-in-Residence at the University of Mississippi. His first novel, Arkansas, took readers on a wild ride through the “trailer trash” world of drugs and violence. And, he left them wanting more. […]

November Read of the Month, Citrus County by John Brandon

  Review by Sean Ennis John Brandon’s second novel, Citrus County, is, on its surface, a typical sort of coming of age novel.  Fourteen year old Toby wishes for a more exciting life in rural Florida, tries ineptly to understand Shelby, a potential love interest, and battles his superiors with both apathy and cunning.  But […]