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The End of a Good Party, by Jean Ross Justice

Review by Peter Schmitt Through blood and marriage, Jean Ross Justice figures among one of America’s most distinguished literary families: her sister is poet Eleanor Ross Taylor, wife of fiction writer Peter Taylor; and her husband was the Miami-born poet Donald Justice, who died in 2004.  And while only obliquely autobiographical, it is the endless […]

Peter Schmitt

Peter Schmitt is the author of five collections of poems: Renewing the Vows, from David Robert Books; Hazard Duty, and Country Airport (Copper Beech Press); and two chapbooks, Incident in an Apartment Complex: A Suite of Voices, and To Disappear, from Pudding House.    He has received The Lavan Award from The Academy of American […]

Resurrection After Exoneration

Yesterday, SLR contributor Allen Mendenhall posted a review of the new nonfiction release by John Thompson and Ronald Gauthier, Killing Time: An 18-Year Odyssey from Death Row to Freedom (Skyhorse Publishing, 2010). The book brings to light one man’s story of a wrongful conviction, and – after tremendous legal effort – his exoneration. But John Thompson […]

Killing Time by John Holloway and Ronald M. Gauthier

Review by Allen Mendenhall John Hollway and Ronald M. Gauthier have written a thriller.  Unlike other thrillers, Killing Time: An 18-Year Odyssey from Death Row to Freedom (Skyhorse Publishing, 2010) is not fiction.  It is, in the authors’ words, “a true story” told in “narrative style.”  There’s an old saying: reality is stranger than fiction.  Here’s […]

Eighth Annual James River Writers Conference

Eighth Annual James River Writers Conference October 8 – October 9 Library of Virginia in Richmond This conference includes meetings with agents, lectures, and panel discussions featuring poets Temple Cone and Joshua Poteat, fiction writers Clifford Garstang and William Henry Lewis, and editor Heather Lazare of Three Rivers Press. The cost of the conference is […]

Interview with Jamie Cox Robertson, Part 3 of 3

Please enjoy the final segment of our three-post conversation with Jamie Cox Robertson, author of A Literary Paris (Adams Media, 2010). There is one excerpt you used that isn’t even set in Paris?  Flaubert’s Madame Bovary. Why did you decide to use that one when there are so many others out there set in the […]

Interview with Jamie Cox Robertson, Part 2 of 3

I hope you enjoyed the first segment of our interview with Jamie Cox Robertson, author of A Literary Paris (Adams Media, 2010), on yesterday’s post. Here, you’ll find a continuation of that conversation and learn about Jamie’s selection process when compiling the book and her choice to include southern writers in the collection. There are […]

Meet Jamie Cox Robertson, Author of A Literary Paris

Jamie Cox Robertson is a southerner, an editor, an author, and the founder of the Southern Literary Review. After the release of her first book, A Literary Paris, she spoke with me about the core elements of a good book and why she opted to publish a literary travel book. Hi Jamie.  It’s good to talk with you […]