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Interview with Steve Yarbrough

Mississippi native Steve Yarbrough is author of the PEN/Faulkner finalist Prisoners of War. SLR: You were born and raised in Mississippi.  Do you find it easier to write about Mississippi while living elsewhere, or harder? Yarbrough: I’ve never found it to be all that hard. Mississippi has a storytelling culture.  People talk endlessly about things […]

Interview with Daniel Wallace

Daniel Wallace is busy at work on a number of projects, following his novel Big Fish‘s adaptation to film, starring Ewan McGregor.   Wallace is the recipient of several humanities grants and awards including the PEN Syndicated Fiction Award as well as a North Carolina Arts Fellowship. He is also the author of The Watermelon King, […]

Interview with Charles Shields

Charles Shields  is author of. SLR: Mr. Shields, when I learned of your biography, I wondered–how? May I assume that you didn’t start this project thinking you’d receive any help from Ms. Lee?  And if so, did this undertaking turn out to be harder or easier than you expected? CS: From the beginning in 2002, […]

Interview with Joshilyn Jackson

SLR: Where were you born and raised? Schooled? Jackson:  I was born in the Florida panhandle, spitting distance from Alabama. My father was military, so my early years were spent all over, mostly in the South— I lived in Alabama, Oklahoma, Virginia, etc etc. When I was about 9 we settled back in the panhandle […]

Interview with Cynthia Shearer

SLR: I’ve read that you were born in Massachusetts but raised in Georgia. Is Georgia home? What are you thoughts on where you were raised? Shearer:  I was born at Westover AFB in Massachusetts and my parents returned to their hometown, Alapaha, Georgia, (just down the road from Harry Crews, just up the road from […]

Interview with Steven Sherrill

Steven Sherrill, born in Morresville, North Carolina, is Assistant Professor of English and Integrative Arts at Penn State Altoona.  His first novel, The Minotaur Takes a Cigarette Break, has been translated into eight languages. His second novel, Visits from the Drowned Girl, was published by Random House in June 2004. Southern Literary Review’s Editor, J.C. […]

Interview with Linda Bloodworth Thomason

Linda Bloodworth Thomason is best known for Designing Women and Evening Shade. She and her husband, Harry Thomason, formed their own production company in 1983  called Mozark Productions, named after their two home states: Missouri and Arkansas.  Thomason grew up in Poplar Bluff, Missouri. SLR: You’ve had so much success writing for television.  What made […]

Interview with Tom Franklin

SLR: Hi, Tom. Good to see you again. Glad we were able to get together while I’m in Oxford. TF: Good to see you, too. SLR: So, let’s get right to the novel. Smonk is getting a lot of good reviews. I first want to ask you a question I think a lot of people who […]